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About Lonesome Longhorn

My company, Lonesome Longhorn, provides trained Texas longhorns for your entertainment and pleasure in the Dallas, Texas, area. Each longhorn is lovingly trained at the Buckhorn Ranch on the Chisholm Trail, where all of my longhorns, horses, and ponies live in the pasture. All of my animals are drug free, fully aware of their surroundings, and brought into their stalls in the barn during the winter.

A Caring Philosophy

I take pride in the health and welfare of my animals and always bathe and groom them to ensure they look their best for upcoming events. I started riding horses at the age of 9 in Hollywood, California, and at the age of 18 I began personally breaking and training horses. In my twenties, I went through a career change that brought me to Texas, where I got married in 1990 and had two beautiful daughters.

Taking Life By the Horns

When I got divorced in 1993, my ex-husband bought me a Texas longhorn named Handsome Hank along with a trailer. He said to me, "If you want child support, you can go earn it yourself!" Which I did by building a thriving Western entertainment company on my own, with the exception of one longhorn and the trailer. I pride myself on my family, my ranch, and the animals I train with my husband, Buck. My business runs with the help of my exceptional team: Sierra, Cheyenne, Range, and Tyler, who love working in the entertainment industry.

Heather and Handsome Hank